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Research with SCinet

The SC conference series has traditionally been home to cutting-edge developments in high-performance networking, alongside those in high-performance computing, storage, and analytics. 

Since its inception in 1991, SCinet has been SC’s research network that pushes the boundaries of networking technologies and innovations through various workshops, demos, and activities, in addition to operational services necessary to provide conference attendees with connectivity. From the Bandwidth Challenge (SC00 to SC09) to the Research Sandbox (SC10, SC11, and SC12), evolving into the Network Research Exhibition workshop (SC13), and through SC14’s “Innovating the Network for Data Intensive Science” workshop, SCinet  hosts much of SC’s high performance networking content.

For SC15, SCinet will again host a venue for quality demos and technical papers, showcasing the latest technologies and practices in high performance networking, which is used as a platform for HPC around the world. There are two parts to this, the first is the Network Research Exhibition (NRE) and the second is the academic-driven INDIS workshop. 

2015 SCinet Network Research Exhibition (NRE)

The NRE is SCinet's forum for displaying new or innovative demonstrations in network testbeds, emerging network hardware, protocols, and advanced network intensive scientific applications that will stretch the boundaries of a high-performance network.

SCinet INDIS Workshop

The second annual INDIS workshop will again be a part of the SC15 Tech Program. Innovating the Network for Data-Intensive Science (INDIS) showcases both Demonstrations and Technical Papers highlighting important developments in high-performance networking. With participants from research, industry, and government, this workshop discusses topics related to network testbeds, emerging network hardware, protocols, and advanced network-intensive scientific applications.  Read more about the INDIS workshop here.