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Network Research Exhibition (NRE)

The Network Research Exhibition (NRE) is SCinet's forum for displaying new or innovative demonstrations in network testbeds, emerging network hardware, protocols, and advanced network-intensive scientific applications that will stretch the boundaries of a high-performance network.

Each year the SCinet NRE showcases and number of interesting network-based experiments during the SC. The goal of the NRE is to showcase technologies that will impact HPC in general and SCinet in particular in the coming year. Submitting your demo to the NRE will help you get additional publicity for your demo. 

SCinet can also help collect monitoring data for your demo, which can be used in publications based on your NRE experiment.

**SCinet encourages NRE participants to submit a paper based on this year's NRE work to next years INDIS workshop (https://scinet.supercomputing.org/workshop/) where final papers are peer-reviewed and published via SigHPC.

An FAQ for the NRE is available at http://sc15.supercomputing.org/conference-program/research-scinet/nre-faq.

Demo Topics

Topics for SC15's Network Research Exhibition demos and experiments include (but are not limited to):

  • Software-defined networking
  • Novel network architecture
  • Switching and routing
  • Alternative data transfer protocols
  • Network monitoring and management, and network control
  • Security/encryption and resilience
  • Open clouds and storage area networks
  • HPC-related usage of GENI Racks

Descriptions and booth locations for SC15's NRE demos can be found at: