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Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis
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Panels at SC15 will be, as in past years, among the most important and heavily attended events of the Conference. Panels will bring together the key thinkers and producers in the field to consider in a lively and rapid-fire context some of the key questions challenging high performance computing, networking, storage and associated analysis technologies for the foreseeable future.

Panels bring a rare opportunity for mutual engagement of community leaders and broad mainstream contributors in a face-to-face exchange through audience participation and questioning. Surprises are the norm at panels, which make for exciting and lively hour-and-a-half sessions. Panels can explore topics in depth by capturing the opinions of a wide range of people active in the relevant fields. Panels represent state of the art opinions, and can be augmented with social media technologies including Twitter, LinkedIn, and video feeds, and even real-time audience polling. Please plan on actively participating in one or more of the panel offerings at SC15. We look forward to your help, through your participation, in making panels at SC15 a major success and lots of fun.

Email Contact: panels@info.supercomputing.org

SC15 Panels Chair:
Torsten Hoefler (ETH Zurich)

SC15 Panels Vice Chair:
Hatem Ltaief (Extreme Computing Research Center, KAUST)