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Scientific Visualization Showcase

Submissions closed August 21, 2015

SC15’s Visualization and Data Analytics Showcase Program provides a forum for the year's most instrumental movies in HPC.  Six finalists will compete for the Best Visualization Award, and each finalist will present his or her movie during a dedicated session at SC15 in a 15-minute presentation. Movies are judged based on how their movie illuminates science, by the quality of the movie, and for innovations in the process used for creating the movie.

The accepted submissions will appear as short papers on the SC15 webpage and archive.

Review and selection process:

Submissions needed to include a movie (up to 250MB in size) and a short paper (up to 4 pages including references).  The short paper should describe the scientific story conveyed by the movie, how the visualization helps scientific discovery, and the "state-of-the-practice" information behind making the movie.

Each submission will be peer reviewed by the Visualization and Data Analytics Showcase Committee. Criteria for revision include:

  1. Compelling visualization

  2. Visualizing data involving HPC in a significant way (whether through simulation or data analytics)

  3. Meaningful and compelling science story

  4. Description of visualization techniques necessary to accomplish the movie

Finally, submissions should support SC15's overall theme "HPC transforms.”

The 2015 Scientific Visualization and Data Analytics Showcase Award Winner: “Visualization of Ocean Currents and Eddies in a High-Resolution Ocean Model” by
Francesca Samsel, Terece Turton, and Gregory Abram, all of The University of Texas at Austin, Mark Petersen, James Ahrens, and David Rogers, all of Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

Email Contact: vis_showcase@info.supercomputing.org