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SCHEDULE: NOV 15-20, 2015

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CIVL: The Concurrency Intermediate Verification Language

SESSION: Programming Tools


EVENT TAG(S): Programming Systems

TIME: 10:30AM - 11:00AM

SESSION CHAIR(S): Thomas Fahringer

AUTHOR(S):Stephen F. Siegel, Manchun Zheng, Ziqing Luo, Timothy K. Zirkel, Andre V. Marianiello, John G. Edenhofner, Matthew B. Dwyer, Michael S. Rogers



There are numerous ways to express parallel programs: message-passing libraries (MPI) and multithreading and GPU language extensions such as OpenMP, Pthreads, and CUDA, are but a few. This multitude creates a serious challenge for developers of software verification tools: it takes enormous effort to develop such tools, but each development effort typically targets one small part of the concurrency landscape, with little sharing of techniques and code among efforts.

To address this problem, we have developed CIVL: the Concurrency Intermediate Verification Language. CIVL provides a general concurrency model which can represent programs in a variety of concurrency dialects, including those listed above.

The CIVL framework includes a tool, based on model checking and symbolic execution, that can verify the absence of deadlocks, race conditions, assertion violations, illegal pointer dereferences and arithmetic, memory leaks, divisions by zero, and out-of-bound array indexing. It can also check that two programs are functionaly equivalent.

Chair/Author Details:

Thomas Fahringer (Chair) - University of Innsbruck|

Stephen F. Siegel - University of Delaware

Manchun Zheng - University of Delaware

Ziqing Luo - University of Delaware

Timothy K. Zirkel - University of Delaware

Andre V. Marianiello - University of Delaware

John G. Edenhofner - University of Delaware

Matthew B. Dwyer - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Michael S. Rogers - University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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