SC15 Austin, TX

Facilitating Irregular Applications on Many-Core Processors

Student: Da Li (University of Missouri)
Advisor: Michela Becchi (University of Missouri)
Abstract: Despite their widespread use in application acceleration, many-core processors are still considered relatively difficult to program, in that they require the programmer to be familiar with both parallel programming and the hardware features of these devices. Irregular applications are characterized by irregular and unpredictable memory access patterns, frequent control flow divergence, and runtime (rather than compile time) parallelism. If the effective deployment of regular applications on many-core processors has been extensively investigated, the one of irregular applications is still far from understood. Yet, many established and emerging applications based on graphs and trees are irregular in nature. My research focuses on addressing important issues related to the deployment of irregular computations on many-core processors. Specifically, my contributions are in three directions: (1) unifying programming interfaces for many-core processors; (2) runtime support for efficient execution of applications on irregular datasets; and (3) compiler support for efficient mapping of applications onto hardware.

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