SC15 Austin, TX

High Performance Earthquake Simulations

Student: Alexander N. Breuer (Technical University of Munich)
Advisor: Michael Bader (Technical University of Munich)
Abstract: The understanding of earthquake dynamics is greatly supported by highly resolved coupled simulations of the rupture process and seismic wave propagation. This grand challenge of seismic modeling requires an immense amount of supercomputing resources. The increasing demand for parallelism and data locality often requires replacing major software parts. I present a new computational core for the seismic simulation package SeisSol. The new core is designed to maximize value and throughput of the FLOPs performed in the underlying ADER-DG method. Included are auto-tuned matrix kernels, hybrid parallelization up to machine-size and a novel high performance clustered LTS scheme. The presented computational core reduces time-to-solution of SeisSol by several factors and scales beyond 1 million cores. At machine-size the new core enabled a landmark simulation of the Landers 1992 earthquake. For the first time this simulation allowed the analysis of the complex rupture behavior and seismic wave propagation at high geometric complexity.

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