SC15 Austin, TX

Kanor: an EDSL for Declarative Communication

Student: Nilesh N. Mahajan (Indiana University)
Advisor: Arun Chauhan (Indiana University and Google Inc.)
Abstract: High performance programs, using explicit communication calls to specify communication structure, need considerable programming exper- tise. It is diffcult to guarantee properties like deadlock freedom while avoiding significant performance degradation. We have developed a do- main specific language embedded in C++ called Kanor that allows pro- grammers to specify the communication declaratively. Kanor programs are written in the Bulk Synchronous Style (BSP) and deadlock freedom is guaranteed by construction. In this work, we present the design and implementation of Kanor. We start with a description of Kanor syntax and explain how the syntax makes it easier to write communication patterns. Next we describe Kanor semantics and explain how Kanor programs guarantee certain properties. Finally, we describe how the declarative nature of Kanor communication allows us to optimize Kanor programs.

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