SC15 Austin, TX

Distributed NoSQL Storage for Extreme-Scale System Services

Student: Tonglin Li (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Advisor: Ioan Raicu (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Abstract: On both HPC systems and clouds the continuously widening performance gap between storage and computing resource prevents us from building scalable data-intensive systems. Distributed NoSQL storage systems are known for their ease of use and attractive performance and are increasingly used as building blocks of large scale applications on cloud or data centers. However there are not many works on bridging the performance gap on supercomputers with NoSQL data stores. This work presents a convergence of distributed NoSQL storage systems in clouds and supercomputers. It firstly presents ZHT, a dynamic scalable zero-hop distributed key-value store, that aims to be a building block of large scale systems on clouds and supercomputers. This work also presents several distributed systems that have adopted ZHT as well as other NoSQL systems, namely FREIDA-State, WaggleDB , and Graph/Z. These systems have been simplified due to NoSQL storage systems and shown good scalable performance.

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