SC15 Austin, TX

Framework for Lifecycle Enrichment of HPC Applications on Exascale Heterogeneous Architecture

Student: Karan Sapra (Clemson University)
Advisor: Melissa C. Smith (Clemson University)
Abstract: Recently, High Performance Computing has experienced advancements with the introduction of multi-core, many-core, and massively parallel architectures such as Intel's Xeon-Phi, Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Although the aforementioned architectures can provide significant speedup, the performance greatly depends on the choice of architecture for the given application. Furthermore, stepping into the exascale-computing era, heterogeneous supercomputers are gaining popularity due to wide-array applications hosted on the supercomputers. In this research, we perform enrichment and acceleration of HPC application on Heterogeneous architectures. The enrichment of an HPC application is achieved in two phases: Development Phase using our Application-to-Architecture (A2A) followed by utilizing Functional Partitioning (FP) framework during runtime. We evaluate the accuracy of our framework using diverse micro-benchmark and applications that belong to different regions in the application space. These benchmark and applications encompass a broad spectrum of application behavior, making them highly suitable for our studies.

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