SC15 Austin, TX

Doctoral Showcase

  1. Active Global Address Space (AGAS): Global Virtual Memory for Dynamic Adaptive Many-Tasking Runtimes. Abhishek Kulkarni (Indiana University)
  2. Contech: Parallel Program Representation and High Performance Instrumentation. Brian P. Railing (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  3. Designing High Performance and Energy-Efficient MPI Collectives for Next Generation Clusters. Akshay Venkatesh (Ohio State University)
  4. Distributed NoSQL Storage for Extreme-Scale System Services. Tonglin Li (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  5. Efficient Multiscale Platelets Modeling Using Supercomputers. Na Zhang (Stony Brook Univerity)
  6. Energy-Efficient Hybrid DRAM/NVM Main Memory. Ahmad Hassan (Queen's University Belfast)
  7. Facilitating Irregular Applications on Many-Core Processors. Da Li (University of Missouri)
  8. Framework for Lifecycle Enrichment of HPC Applications on Exascale Heterogeneous Architecture. Karan Sapra (Clemson University)
  9. High Performance Earthquake Simulations. Alexander N. Breuer (Technical University of Munich)
  10. High-Performance Algorithms For Large-Scale Singular Value Problems and Big Data Applications. Lingfei Wu (William & Mary)
  11. Irregular Graph Algorithms on Parallel Processing Systems. George M. Slota (Pennsylvania State University)
  12. Kanor: an EDSL for Declarative Communication. Nilesh N. Mahajan (Indiana University)
  13. Mitigation of Failures in High Performance Computing via Runtime Techniques. Xiang Ni (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  14. The Relentless Execution Model for Task-Uncoordinated Parallel Computation in Distributed Memory Environments. Lucas A. Wilson (The University of Texas at San Antonio)

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