SC15 Austin, TX

Visualization Of Airflow Through The Human Respiratory System: The Sniff

Authors: Fernando M. Cucchietti (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Guillermo Marin (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Hadrien Calmet (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Guillaume Houzeaux (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Mariano Vazquez (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)

Abstract: We created a visualization of a CFD simulation and transport of Lagrangian particles in the airflow through an extensive and realistic upper human airways during a rapid and short inhalation (a sniff). The simulation was performed using HPC resources with the Alya system. The output data was stored in a distributed database connected with an in-house plugin to Paraview for post-processing analysis, and then converted into propietary Maya 2014 particle cache. The rendering was performed using HPC resources with Maya, using a multihued color scale to represent the velocity and a ghost trail to indicate direction.

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