SC15 Austin, TX

ACM Student Research Competition Posters

  1. AccFFT: A New Parallel FFT Library for CPU and GPU Architectures. Amir Gholami (The University of Texas at Austin)
  2. An Analysis of Network Congestion in the Titan Supercomputer's Interconnect. Jonathan Freed (University of South Carolina)
  3. Efficient Multiscale Platelets Modeling Using Supercomputers. Na Zhang (Stony Brook University)
  4. Exploring the Trade-Off Space of Hierarchical Scheduling for Very Large HPC Centers. Stephen Herbein (University of Delaware)
  5. Forecasting Storms in Parallel File Systems. Ryan McKenna (University of Delaware)
  6. High Order Automatic Differentiation with MPI. Mu Wang (Purdue University)
  7. High Performance Model Based Image Reconstruction. Xiao Wang (Purdue University)
  8. A High-Performance Preconditioned SVD Solver for Accurately Computing Large-Scale Singular Value Problems in PRIMME. Lingfei Wu (William & Mary)
  9. Hilbert Curve Based Flexible Dynamic Partitioning Scheme for Adaptive Scientific Computations. Milinda Fernando (University of Utah)
  10. I/O Performance Analysis Framework on Measurement Data from Scientific Clusters. Michelle V. Koo (University of California, Berkeley)
  11. IGen: The Illinois Genomics Execution Environment. Subho Sankar Banerjee (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  12. Improving Application Concurrency on GPUs by Managing Implicit and Explicit Synchronizations. Michael C. Butler (University of Missouri)
  13. Integrating STELLA & MODESTO: Definition and Optimization of Complex Stencil Programs. Tobias Gysi (ETH Zurich)
  14. Lessons from Post-Processing Climate Data on Modern Flash-Based HPC Systems. Adnan Haider (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  15. Modeling the Impact of Thread Configuration on Power and Performance of GPUs. Tiffany A. Connors (Texas State University)
  16. Non-Blocking Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Methods for Extreme-Scale Computing. Paul Eller (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  17. Optimization Strategies for Materials Science Applications on Cori: An Intel Knights Landing, Many Integrated Core Architecture. Luther D. Martin (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center)
  18. PEAK: Parallel EM Algorithm using Kd-tree. Laleh Aghababaie Beni (University of California, Irvine)
  19. Performance Analysis and Optimization of a Hybrid Distributed Reverse Time Migration Application. Sri Raj Paul (Rice University)
  20. Performance Analysis and Optimization of the Weather Research and Forecasting Model (WRF) on Intel Multicore and Manycore Architectures. samuel J. Elliott (NCAR/CU Boulder)
  21. Portable Performance of Large-Scale Physics Applications: Toward Targeting Heterogeneous Exascale Architectures Through Application Fitting. William Killian (University of Delaware)
  22. Practical Floating-Point Divergence Detection. Wei-Fan Chiang (University of Utah)
  23. Process Variation-Aware Power Scheduling for HPC Applications. Neha Gholkar (North Carolina State University)
  24. Rapid Replication of Multi-Petabyte File Systems. Justin G. Sybrandt (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center)
  25. UtiliStation: Increasing the Utilization of the International Space Station with Big Data Analytics for Stowage. Ellis Giles (Rice University)

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