SC15 Austin, TX

UtiliStation: Increasing the Utilization of the International Space Station with Big Data Analytics for Stowage

Student: Ellis Giles (Rice University)
Supervisor: Peter Varman (Rice University)

Abstract: The International Space Station is one of the most expensive and complex objects ever constructed. It benefits humanity with a unique microgravity and extreme research environment. Sending experiments and materials to the ISS is costly and logistically complex. The high dollar and time cost, along with increasing demand, has led to large amounts of items being stowed onboard the ISS. However, stowage space onboard the ISS is very limited, and, as more items are stowed, the complexity increases, requiring more time for management. This research involves creating a software solution called UtiliStation, which may increase the utilization of the ISS by optimizing onboard stowage of resources over time should NASA decide to implement it. The solution may reduce the complexity of cargo management while reducing the ground and astronaut time by using Map-Reduce functions on inventory and crew procedure data.

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