SC15 Austin, TX

Transition to Trinity: Preparing a Next-Generation Network

Authors: Kathryn S. Protin (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Susan K. Coulter (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Jesse E. Martinez (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Alex F. Montaño (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Charles D. Wilder (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Abstract: This poster will discuss the work done by the network team in the High Performance Computing Systems (HPC-3) group at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) to prepare a network infrastructure suitable for the Trinity supercomputer. The team transitioned from our previous backbone, Parallel Scalable Backbone (PaScalBB), to the Next Generation Backbone (NGBB) upon Trinity’s arrival in June 2015, with its unprecedented performance of over 40 petaflops and an attached 80-petabyte parallel file system. This poster outlines past supercomputing work done at LANL, the need for an improved network infrastructure that will last until approximately 2025, the past and future network backbones, and the planning and execution of the transition to the new backbone. In conclusion, we review the challenges faced and lessons learned as we migrated production supercomputers and file systems to a completely new network backbone with minimal disruption to LANL’s HPC environment and its users.

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