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Development of Explicit Moving Particle Simulation Framework and Zoom-Up Tsunami Analysis System

Authors: Kohei Murotani (University of Tokyo), Seiichi Koshizuka (University of Tokyo), Masao Ogino (Nagoya University), Ryuji Shioya (Toyo University)

Best Poster Finalist

Abstract: In this research, we are developing LexADV_EMPS which is the Explicit Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) framework. The LexADV_EMPS supports “Domain decomposition”, “Halo exchange” and “Dynamic load balance” as parallel computing functions for particle methods of the continuum mechanics. We have been able to solve large scale realistic tsunami analysis using distributed memory parallel Explicit MPS method implemented by the LexADV_EMPS. Today, Ishinomaki city, Kesennuma city and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station have been successfully solved by our system using K computer of RIKEN, FX10 of the University of Tokyo and CX400 of Nagoya University.

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