SC15 Austin, TX

Bellerophon: A Computational Workflow Environment for Real-time Analysis, Artifact Management, and Regression Testing of Core-Collapse Supernova Simulations

Authors: Eric Lingerfelt (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Bronson Messer (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Abstract: We present an overview of the Bellerophon software system, which has been built to support CHIMERA, a production-level HPC application that simulates the evolution of core-collapse supernovae. Developed over the last 5 years at ORNL, Bellerophon enables CHIMERA’s geographically dispersed team of collaborators to perform job monitoring and real-time data analysis from multiple supercomputing resources, including platforms at OLCF, NERSC, and NICS. Its multi-tier architecture provides an encapsulated, end-to-end software solution that enables the CHIMERA team to quickly and easily access highly customizable animated and static views of results from anywhere in the world via a cross-platform desktop application. Bellerophon’s robust artifact management system enables complete provenance tracking and provides direct access to all data files, renderings, and associated metadata though the client-side user interface. Bellerophon has quickly evolved into the CHIMERA team’s de facto workflow environment for real-time analysis, artifact management, regression testing, and other workflow tasks.

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