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A Real-Time Tsunami Inundation Forecast System for Tsunami Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Authors: Akihiro Musa (NEC Corporation), Hiroshi Matsuoka (NEC Corporation), Osamu Watanabe (NEC Corporation), Yoichi Murashima (Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd.), Shunichi Koshimura (Tohoku University), Ryota Hino (Tohoku University), Yusaku Ohta (Tohoku University), Hiroaki Kobayashi (Tohoku University)

Abstract: The tsunami disasters of Indonesia, Chile and Japan have occurred in the last decade, and inflicted casualties and damaged social infrastructures. Therefore, tsunami forecasting systems are urgently required worldwide for disaster prevention and mitigation. For this purpose, we have developed a real-time tsunami inundation forecast system that can complete a tsunami inundation simulation at the level of 10-meter grids within 20 minutes. A HPC system is essential to complete such a huge simulation. As the tsunami inundation simulation program is memory-intensive, we incorporate the high memory-bandwidth NEC vector supercomputer SX-ACE into the system. In this poster, we describe an overview of the system and the characteristics of SX-ACE, the performance evaluation of tsunami simulation on SX-ACE, and an emergency job management mechanism for real-time simulation on SX-ACE. The performance evaluation indicates that the performance of SX-ACE with 512 cores is equivalent to that of K computer with 9469 cores.

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