SC15 Austin, TX

Large-Scale Ultrasound Simulations with Local Fourier Basis Decomposition

Authors: Jiri Jaros (Brno University of Technology), Matej Dohnal (Brno University of Technology), Bradley E. Treeby (University College London)

Abstract: The simulation of ultrasound wave propagation through biological tissue has a wide range of practical applications including planning therapeutic ultrasound treatments. The major challenge is to ensure the ultrasound focus is accurately placed at the desired target since the surrounding tissue can significantly distort it. Performing accurate ultrasound simulations, however, requires the simulation code to be able to exploit thousands of processor cores to deliver treatment plans within 24 hours. This poster presents a novel domain decomposition based on the Local Fourier basis that reduces the communication overhead by replacing global all-to-all communications with the local nearest-neighbour communication patters yet exploiting the benefits of spectral methods. The method was implemented using both pure-MPI and hybrid OpenMP/MPI approaches and the performance investigated on the SuperMUC cluster. We managed to increase the number of usable computer cores from 512 up to 8192 while reducing the simulation time by a factor of 8.55

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