SC15 Austin, TX

Optimization of an Ocean Model Using Performance Tools

Authors: Oriol TintĂł Prims (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Miguel Castrillo (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Harald Servat (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), German Llort (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Kim Serradell (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Oriol Mula-Valls (Catalan Institute of Climate Sciences), Francisco Doblas-Reyes (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)

Abstract: Do the model developers know about the computational performance of the models they are developing? The landscape of the computational science has a lot of examples of scientists using huge amounts of computational resources to run models without worrying too much about computational performance. The proper use of these resources has been too often the last of the modellers’ concerns and therefore it is not strange at all if someone that finally decides to study the computational performance of his model finds out that it is far from being good. This is not surprising at all when one realizes that scientific applications are usually old and usually based on inherited older code developed by scientists without a proper background in computer science. In this work, we would like to show that a performance analysis of scientific models is useful and, without any doubt, is worth.

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