SC15 Austin, TX

MINIO: An I/O Benchmark for Investigating High Level Parallel Libraries

Authors: James Dickson (University of Warwick), Satheesh Maheswaran (Atomic Weapons Establishment), Steven Wright (University of Warwick), Andy Herdman (Atomic Weapons Establishment), Stephen Jarvis (University of Warwick)

Abstract: Input/output (I/O) operations are amongst the biggest challenges facing scientific computing as it transitions to exascale. The traditional software stack -- comprising of parallel file systems, middlewares and high level libraries -- has evolved to enable applications to better cope with the demands of enormous datasets. This software stack makes high performance parallel I/O easily accessible to application engineers, however it is important to ensure best performance is not compromised through attempts to enrich these libraries. We present MINIO, a benchmark for the investigation of I/O behaviour focusing on understanding overheads and inefficiencies in high level library usage. MINIO uses HDF5 and TyphonIO to explore I/O at scale using different application behavioural patterns. A case study is performed using MINIO to identify performance limiting characteristics present in the TyphonIO library as an example of performance discrepancies in the I/O stack.

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