SC15 Austin, TX

Fast Classification of MPI Applications Using Lamport's Logical Clocks

Authors: Zhou Tong (Florida State University)

Abstract: We present a novel trace-based analysis tool that rapidly classifies an MPI application as bandwidth-bound, latency-bound, load-imbalance-bound, and computation-bound for different interconnection networks. The tool uses an extension of Lamport's logical clock to track application progress in the trace replay. It has two unique features. First, it predicts the application performance for many network configurations by replaying the traces only once. Second, it infers the performance characteristics of an application and classifies the application using the predicted performance trend for a range of network configurations instead of using the predicted performance for a particular network configuration. We describe the techniques used in the tool and its design and implementation, and report our performance study of the tool and our experience with classifying 9 applications and miniapps from the DOE Design Forward project as well as the NAS parallel benchmarks.

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