SC15 Austin, TX

Performance, Power, and Energy of In-Situ and Post-Processing Visualization: A Case Study in Climate Simulation

Authors: Vignesh Adhinarayanan (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Scott Pakin (Los Alamos National Laboratory), David Rogers (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Wu-chun Feng (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), James Ahrens (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Best Poster Finalist

Abstract: The energy consumption of off-chip data movement for an exascale system is projected to be two orders of magnitude higher than on-chip data movement. However, in an attempt to increase the fidelity of simulation, scientists increasingly run high-resolution simulations, producing large amounts of data for visualization and analysis. Consequently, the I/O subsystem is expected to consume a significant chunk of the power budget available for a supercomputer. To combat this problem, researchers have proposed in-situ techniques where the visualization is performed alongside the simulation using data residing in memory. This study quantifies the savings in performance, power, and energy from adopting in-situ visualization using a climate simulation application on a server-grade node. We offer deeper insights from subsystem-level power measurements and make projections for a larger cluster. We plan to complement these projections with actual measurements on a supercomputer in the final version of the poster.

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