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An Approach to the Highest Efficiency of the HPCG Benchmark on the SX-ACE Supercomputer

Authors: Kazuhiko Komatsu (Tohoku University), Ryusuke Egawa (Tohoku University), Yoko Isobe (NEC Corporation), Ryusei Ogata (NEC Corporation), Hiroyuki Takizawa (Tohoku University), Hiroaki Kobayashi (Tohoku University)

Abstract: This paper reports how we have achieved the world's highest efficiency on the HPCG benchmark by fully exploiting the high potential of the SX-ACE supercomputer. To achieve efficient vector calculations and memory accesses, several optimization techniques such as ELL sparse matrix data packing, the hyperplane method for eliminating data dependencies, selective caching for the on-chip memory, and problem size tuning have been employed. Evaluation results show that SX-ACE achieves an 11.4% efficiency in the case of 512 nodes, which is the highest efficiency among all of the supercomputers in the latest HPCG ranking. This is because these optimization techniques can effectively exploit the high potential of memory access performance of SX-ACE, which has a strong impact on the overall performance of HPCG.

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