SC15 Austin, TX

Using MuMMI to Model and Optimize Energy and Performance of HPC Applications on Power-Aware Supercomputers

Authors: Xingfu Wu (Texas A&M University), Valerie Taylor (Texas A&M University)

Abstract: The MuMMI (Multiple Metrics Modeling Infrastructure) facilitates systematic measurement, modeling, and prediction of performance and power consumption, and performance-power tradeoffs and optimization for Power-aware HPC systems. In this paper, we use the MuMMI to model performance and power. These models focus on four metrics: runtime, system power, CPU power and memory power. We rank the counters from these models to identify the most important counters for application optimization focus, then demonstrate the counter-guided optimizations with an aerospace application PMLB executed on two power-aware supercomputers, Mira at Argonne National Laboratory), and SystemG at Virginia Tech.

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