SC15 Austin, TX

OPESCI: Open Performance portablE Seismic Imaging

Authors: Marcos de Aguiar (SENAI CIMATEC), Gerard Gorman (Imperial College London), Renato Miceli (SENAI CIMATEC), Christian Jacobs (Imperial College London), Michael Lange (Imperial College London), Tianjiao Sun (Imperial College London), Felippe Zacarias (SENAI CIMATEC)

Abstract: Entering the exascale era, HPC architectures are rapidly changing and diversifying, to continue delivering performance increases. These changes offer opportunities while also demanding disruptive software changes to harness the full hardware potential. The question is how to achieve an acceptable degree of performance portability across diverse, rapidly evolving architectures, in spite of the sharp trade-off between easy-to-maintain, portable software written in high-level languages, and highly optimized, parallel codes for target architectures. The solution proposed is to leverage domain-specific languages (DSL), and code generators to introduce multiple layers of abstraction. At the highest level, application developers write algorithms in clear, concise manner, while at the lower levels source-to-source compilers transforms DSL codes into highly optimized native codes that can be compiled for target platforms for near-to-peak performance. The framework provides layers, decoupling domain experts from code tuning specialists, where different optimized code generator back ends can be replaced.

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