SC15 Austin, TX

Argo: An Exascale Operating System and Runtime

Authors: Swann Perarnau (Argonne National Laboratory), Rinku Gupta (Argonne National Laboratory), Pete Beckman (Argonne National Laboratory)

Abstract: New computing technologies are expected to change the high-performance computing landscape dramatically. Future exascale systems will comprise hundreds of thousands of compute nodes linked by complex networks. Compute nodes are expected to host both general-purpose and special-purpose processors or accelerators, with more complex memory hierarchies. At those scale the HPC community expects that we will also require new programming models, to take advantage of both intra-node and inter-node parallelism. In this context, the Argo Project is developing a new operating system and runtime for exascale machines. It is designed from the ground up to run future HPC application at extreme scales. At the heart of the project are four key innovations: dynamic reconfiguring of node resources in response to workload changes, allowance for massive concurrency, a hierarchical framework for management of nodes, and a cross-layer communication infrastructure that allows resource managers and optimizers to communicate efficiently across the platform.

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