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Neuroscience Gateway - Enabling HPC for Computational Neuroscience

Authors: Subhashini Sivagnanam (San Diego Supercomputer Center), Amitava Majumdar (San Diego Supercomputer Center), Pramod Kumbhar (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne), Michael Hines (Yale University), Kenneth Yoshimoto (San Diego Supercomputer Center), Ted Carnevale (Yale University)

Abstract: In this poster, we describe the Neuroscience Gateway that enables HPC access for the computational neuroscience community since 2013. A central challenge in neuroscience is to understand how brain function emerges from interactions of a large number of biological processes at multiple physical and temporal scales. Computational modeling is an essential tool for developing this understanding. Driven by a rapidly expanding body of empirical observations, models and simulation protocols are becoming increasingly complex. This has stimulated development of powerful, open source computational neuroscience simulators, which run efficiently on HPC systems. This has also resulted in critical need for access to HPC by computational neuroscientists. The Neuroscience gateway hides the complexities of using HPC systems directly and allows researchers to seamlessly access computational neuroscience codes that are made available on various HPC resources. We also report on performance of the NEURON application on HPC machines.

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