SC15 Austin, TX

Scalable Mesh Generation for HPC Applications

Authors: Rajeev Jain (Argonne National Laboratory), Navamita Ray (Argonne National Laboratory), Iulian Grindeanu (Argonne National Laboratory), Danqing Wu (Argonne National Laboratory), Vijay Mahadevan (Argonne National Laboratory)

Abstract: Computational solvers simulating physical phenomena on complex domain geometries need well resolved, high-quality meshes to tackle the discrete problem accurately and efficiently. High fidelity real-world HPC solvers have intricate mesh generation needs, which is accomplished through access to geometry data and scalable algorithms to produce optimal quality unstructured meshes. We provide an overview of the open-source computational workflow enabled through SIGMA toolkit and focus on scalability of parallel mesh generation algorithms implemented in MeshKit library. The algorithmic efficiency in MeshKit is evaluated and component-wise profiling is performed to investigate bottlenecks in the underlying parallel mesh infrastructure (MOAB).

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