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Exploring Asynchronous Many-Task Runtime Systems Toward Extreme Scales

Authors: Samuel Knight (Florida Institue of Technology), Marc Gamell (Rutgers University), Gavin Baker (California Polytechnic State Univeristy), David Hollman (Sandia National Laboratories), Gregory Sjaadema (Sandia National Laboratories), Hemanth Kolla (Sandia National Laboratories), Keita Teranishi (Sandia National Laboratories), Jeremiah Wilke (Sandia National Laboratories), Nicole Slattengren (Sandia National Laboratories), Janine C. Bennett (Sandia National Laboratories)

Abstract: Major exascale computing reports indicate a number of software challenges to meet the drastic change of system architectures in near future. While several-orders-of-magnitude increase in parallelism is the most commonly cited of those, hurdles also include performance heterogeneity of compute nodes across the system, increased imbalance between computational capacity and I/O capabilities, frequent system interrupts, and complex hardware architectures. Asynchronous, task-parallel programming models show great promise in addressing these issues, but are not yet fully understood nor developed sufficiently for computational science and engineering application codes. We address this knowledge gaps through quantitative and qualitative exploration of leading candidate solutions in the context of engineering applications at Sandia. In this poster, we evaluate MiniAero code ported to three leading candidate programming models (Charm++, Legion and Uintah) to examine both the feasibility and tradeoffs of a technical solution that permits insertion of new programming model elements into an existing code base.

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