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Cost Effective Programmable H/W Based Data Plane Acceleration: Linking PCI-Express Commodity I/O H/W with FPGAs

Authors: Woong Shin (Seoul National University), Heon Y. Yeom (Seoul National University)

Abstract: In this paper, we present a cost effective FPGA based data plane design which reuses existing I/O devices such as 10GbE NICs or NVM-e SSDs as data ingress and egress ports. We achieved this by building a FPGA based device driver logic which is capable of exploiting PCI-e point to point communication. FPGA H/W design support such as C based High Level Synthesis tools enabled us to implement complex device drivers within FPGAs. Our design avoids re-implementing the performance and stability of existing ASIC based commodity I/O devices, already installed in our systems, thus reducing data plane implementation costs.

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