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Technical Program

The SC Technical Program is highly competitive and one of the broadest of any HPC conference. Traditionally, the Program includes invited talks, panels, research papers, tutorials, workshops, posters, and Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions.  SC15 will also be launching new initiatives focused on big data and analytics as well as innovative new technologies in HPC. Alongside the traditional program elements that our community has come to rely upon, SC15 will continue to be HPC's most informative, exciting, and stimulating event of the year.

Whether unveiling new research for the first time, or helping teach the HPC body of knowledge to the next generation, the SC Technical Program is a rite of passage in any HPC career.  This year every aspect of the SC15 Technical Program is being rigorously peer reviewed—be sure to pay close attention to submission dates, as some have moved to accommodate our expanded focus on peer review.

In addition, SC15 will continue the Conference’s emphasis on education. The SC Technical Program encourages submissions that address the education and development of a larger and more diverse HPC workforce. Papers, panels, workshops, and tutorials on HPC education, training, and professional development are invited, especially those fostering the sharing and dissemination of quality materials and best practices. 

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Questions?  techprogram@info.supercomputing.org

Technical Program Chair
Jeffrey Vetter (Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Georgia Tech)

Technical Program Deputy Chair
Lori Diachin (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)