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Wide-Area Network Requests

Each year exhibitors plan large scale demos that connect the convention center to remote HPC resources around the world. In order to support these often ground-breaking demos each year, the conference builds SCinet--a highly sophisticated, very high-capacity network.

To provide the best experience possible for SC15, SCinet is requesting that exhibitors and network entities identify their wide area network (WAN) resource needs. WAN circuits are needed for any exhibitor that requires point-to-point connectivity to a remote location to support a large scale booth demonstration.  Last year, SCinet supplied more than 1.3 Terabits of network bandwidth, with network traffic peaking at almost 1 Terabit.

SCinet is working collaboratively with national research and commercial networks to implement the required WAN requirements for SC15. 

Please contact the SCinet WAN Team with your intent to use SC15's network by emailing WAN-team@scinet.supercomputing.org. Please include any details of your specific requirements, including:

  • Circuit type and bandwidth,
  • Direction of large flows from ACC (inbound, outbound, or both)
  • Carrier or provider,
  • Circuit origination points,
  • Circuit termination point on the SC15 show floor, if known. 

WAN circuit requirements were due Friday, May 29.

If you have a new requirement or questions, please contact:   WAN-team@scinet.supercomputing.org.