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SC15 Videos

SC15 – How HPC Impacts Society

SC15 HPC Matters Plenary with Intel's Diane Bryant

HPC matters to PayPal


HPCmatters: The Impact of Human-Induced Climate Change


HPC matters in Epilepsy Treatment

SC15 Releases Short Video Explaining Why High Performance Computing is Important to NASA

The Importance of HPC as Explained by the IDC's Steve Conway

SC15 HPC Transforms...Batteries.

Brett Helms, Kristin Persson and others discuss the Electrolyte Genome project (of the Dept of Energy's Joint Center for Energy Storage Research) and products that impact our daily lives, batteries.

HPC is transforming the world!

Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah helps doctors to pinpoint brain stimulation sites that relieve tremors in Parkinson’s patients and drastically improve quality of life.

HPC transforms!

Watch the latest #HPCmatters videos to see how HPC is transforming everything from our entertainment and consumer goods to weather forecasting.

SC15 Focus: #hpctransforms Graduate Students

Focused on graduate student papers, fun conference, extensive list of types of attendees, networking with others led to post-doc position, SC15 provides opportunities for newcomers/undergrads to participate.

SC Student Cluster Competition: What it's all about

Three participants in past SC Student Cluster Competitions describe how the event gives them valuable hands-on experience and has served as a career pathway.

Watch SC15's Preview Video!

HPC is transforming industry, processes, and even our lives. SC15's Conference Chair, Jackie Kern of UIUC, introduces SC15's theme and focus: #hpctransforms.